About Us

About us

Bharathi Meraki - The chief real estate officer

As a pioneering real estate asset development and asset management firm. With a legacy of unlocking opportunities previously thought impossible and driving unparalleled success, we bring over 15 years of collective experience spanning residential, commercial, retail, senior living, hospitality, warehousing, and asset management segments.

Navigating Hurdles & Unlocking Dormant Potential

We are in the business of ironing out challenges and unlocking a world of possibilities through our strategic resolutions.

About Bharati Meraki
Bharathi Meraki

We don't merely possess an open floor office we extend an open invitation to collaborate with everyone we engage.

Our Story

Our Story

Genesis of Bharathi Meraki: Originated in 2008 as Bharathi Homes, founded by tech professionals with a vision for superior living standards.

Our Story

Transition to Bharathi Meraki

Identifying Knowledge Gaps: Recognized lack of highly knowledgeable advisors in real estate and architecture.

Our Story

Guiding Purpose

Shifting Perspectives: Aim to revolutionize clients' outlook on real estate, opening doors to boundless possibilities.

Our Goals


Transforming real estate into a primary asset category for value creation, with a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating meaningful opportunities and enduring legacies.

Our vision is to elevate real estate into a foremost asset category, driving value through strategic planning, goal-oriented approaches, and data-informed investments. We aim to establish the definitive benchmark for excellence in reshaping the real estate sector into an organized and flourishing industry. Additionally, we seek to cultivate impactful opportunities and experiences that enhance lives and create lasting legacies.


Empowering stakeholders to achieve financial gains with real estate through a holistic and accountable approach, guided by the market pulse and a commitment to integrity and compliance.

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Our Team

The masterminds


Arun Bharathi


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Sakthi Parthasarathy

Director - Legal and Liaisoning

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Sandeep Kumar

Executive Director - Revenue

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Ashwin Kumar Iyer

Senior Living Expert

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P.B. Prem Ananda

Director - Key Accounts


Satish Narayan

Sr. Vice President - Investment Finance

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Diepu V Reddy

Sr. Vice President - Product, Revenue & Business Development

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Mohamed Muneer

Vice President- Business Development & Land

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