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Develop portfolio strategy

Development Management

We offer expertise in development management, guiding you through the process of bringing your projects to life. Our seasoned professionals ensure that your developments align with your strategic goals.

Project management

Asset Management

Efficiently manage your real estate assets with our expert guidance. We prioritize your financial success through tailored strategies that optimize your investment portfolio.

Sales and marketing

Sales Management

Maximize your gains and minimize costs through our expert negotiation techniques and precision-crafted marketing strategies. Our commitment to professionalism guarantees the best terms in every transaction.

Product development

Portfolio Strategy

Craft a personalized portfolio strategy that aligns seamlessly with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. We prioritize your financial success through expertly tailored strategies.

Deal negotiation

Real Estate Family Office Management

We provide comprehensive support for real estate family offices, ensuring the efficient management of your real estate investments.

Feasibility study and acquisitions

Product Strategy

Elevate your real estate products to meet and exceed industry standards. Our involvement ensures that your products resonate with consumers and achieve maximum market impact.

Real estate business plan

Real Estate Business Plan

At Bharathi Meraki, we provide comprehensive support to developers as they implement their business plan. Our assistance includes market research, financial analysis, and project management to ensure the success of your real estate ventures.

Demand/supply forecasting

Demand/supply forecasting

Stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive market trend analysis. We provide data on supply, demand, pricing, and investor sentiment, allowing you to make informed investment decisions backed by professionalism

Strategic Advisory - Bharthi Meraki

Strategic Advisory

We leverage 15+ years of experience in Real estate development to offer strategic advice on asset management and development.

Project Management & Design - Bharthi Meraki

Project Management & Design

Establishing project coordination and planning with real-time data on construction industry and market feasibility studies.

Development Plan - Bharthi Meraki

Development Plan

Strategic repositioning and development of asset inventory to suit target buyer profiles based on dedicated market studies.

Partnership - Bharthi Meraki


We build a high-power network of individuals and organizations that wish to invest and capitalize on the thriving real estate market in India.

Assets Management - Bharthi Meraki

Assets Management

We manage our client’s real estate portfolios with in-depth knowledge of the industry and financial know-how that allows us to build value.

Assets Management - Bharthi Meraki

Sales Management

We manage our client’s real estate portfolios with in-depth knowledge of the industry and financial know-how that allows us to build value.

For Capital Markets and Land

Strategic Partner Identification:

Meticulously assess potential JV partners, evaluating financial strength, industry experience, and conflicts of interest with expert precision.

Deal structuring & management

Skillfully oversee deals from start to finish, managing negotiations, legal documents, and the closing process with exceptional expertise.

Debt Expertise

Analyze finances to craft sustainable debt restructuring plans, backed by top-tier financial assessments.

Leverage an extensive investor network for precise fundraising, tailoring pitches to match investor preferences with expert finesse.

Real Estate Expertise

Strategically assess real estate portfolios beyond transactions. Identify properties for divestment based on market conditions and strategic goals, guided by expert insights.

Meticulously manage forward sales, tracking payments, fostering buyer relations, and overseeing closings with an unwavering focus on detail.

Land Assessment and Strategy

Thoroughly assess land properties for potential development, considering zoning, environmental factors, and market suitability

Develop tailored strategies for acquiring land assets that align with your investment goals and market trends.

Capital Markets

Due Diligence and Planning

Conduct meticulous due diligence, including title searches and regulatory compliance checks, ensuring a smooth acquisition process.

Craft comprehensive land development plans that maximize the potential of acquired properties, optimizing returns.

Regulatory Expertise

Navigate complex regulatory processes to secure necessary entitlements and permits for land development projects.

Design and plan infrastructure development to enhance the value of land assets and support successful projects.

Valuation and Optimization

Provide expert land valuation services, offering insights into market value and potential returns on investment.

Optimize land use through innovative planning, ensuring maximum utilization of available space.

Sales and Sustainability

Efficiently manage land sales and divestment strategies, considering market conditions and client objectives.

Conduct thorough environmental impact assessments to ensure sustainable land development practices.

Navigate legal complexities and compliance requirements with precision to safeguard land investments.

Our Solutions

How Meraki works

The Challenge

The Bharathi Meraki Fix

A corporation or family-owned asset currently remains unutilized due to a limited capacity to execute upon it.

We orchestrate the monetization of assets, executing a well-structured process spanning diverse asset classes.

Sponsor considering an investment theme.

We take charge of solution engineering and financing to develop an end product and offer an exit strategy that maximizes returns.

Strained assets facing operational or financial challenges.

We restructure and revitalize an existing asset while ensuring the client retains ownership.

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